A NFT Metaverse consist of Collection, Game, Tokens and Charity living in POLYGON Blockchain.

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Fluffle Official NFT

In a Far away land. There is a land called Fluffle Land. It is the home of Fluffles or we can say home of Group Bunnies, Rabbits and Bun Buns. FluffleLand Official Main collection has over 2,222 unique skins made for different missions and challenges that will be faced to their adventure.

The artwork has been created in MediBang App by Fluffle Digital Artists.

Fluffle as NFT Collection

Simply holding a Fluffle Official will give you access to fluffle future game, giveaways, token allocation, merchandise discounts, and lastly free mint access to fluffle sub collections.

We understand the importance of the cross-over between these worlds and we truly believe to bridge these two together. Our goals will always be for the environment and to the community awareness in Crypto.

Why Fluffle?

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    Huge Collection

    A collection of 2,222 unique Fluffles built to go beyond the digital space that will unlock numerous benefits for our community.

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    Benefits & Utilities

    The Fluffle Collection Holders are guaranted to be Automatic Whitelisted to all incoming Projects, have token allocation, become tester of future fluffle game, free mint access to sub collections, merchandise discounts, and Game access..

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    Top & Legit Resources

    Cute designs resources made with care for each pixel. Tokens, NFTs, metaverse and game resources. Verified Smart Contract with Team Transparency.

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    Growing Community

    Be part of a growing friendly community of fluffle holders and socialize with them to gain new knowledge, share your ideas and grow together.

Some of Fluffle Drops

FluffleLand Roadmap

FluffleLand Partnership